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Height Safety &

Rope Access

Industrial rope access is a proven cost effective and safe alternative to expensive scaffold and elevated working platforms.

Following AS/NZS standards, Best Practice Guidelines and international standards; Our certified and experienced operators can safely access anywhere and perform any task.

High level service categories include:

  • Building maintenance

  • Mast, light and flag pole maintenance and repair

  • Ecology and pest management

  • Bridges and Industrial structure access

  • Confined space entry

Extreme Height can supply and install height safety access systems for service contractors to safely access areas for regular maintenance.

Height safety installation services include

  • Access Ladders and walkway

  • Chemical and mechanical anchor systems

  • Fall arrest systems

Extreme Height are experienced height safety consultants, Providing experience and knowledge to other industrial and commercial sectors.

our consultancy services include:

  • Roof and structure safety audits

  • Anchor and fall arrest system inspections

  • Height safety and rescue plans

  • Height safety equipment inspection

  • Temporary fall arrest system installation and monitoring

If you are unsure of any thing related to working at height, get in touch we are happy to assist.